Love At First, a review by Allyson

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Love At First
Kate Clayborn
320 pages
Published February 23rd, 2021
By Kensington

This was my first book by Kate Clayborn and I am hooked on her writing style! I had heard wonderful things about her previous contemporary romance novels but never got around to reading them. Therefore when this popped up on NetGalley I just had to request it.


Will can’t shake the memory of the perfect girl he heard while sitting under a tree in an apartment complex when he is 15 years old. Years later he inherits an apartment in the same complex and instantly recognizes the girl he couldn’t stop thinking about. Nora grew up in those apartments and loves them just the way they are. Will has plans to “fix-up” the complex and Nora decides to sabotage those plans. Can they overcome their differences based on their instant connection or will they go their separate ways?

The Good:

I love Kate Clayborn’s writing style, it was very unique compared to other romance books I have read. The close-knit community Kate Clayborn was one of my favorite things in this book. All the side characters were amazing. The romance in this book was perfect! Sweet but still sexy with two people who really connect straight from the beginning of the novel.

The Bad:

The connection formed goes very deep, very quickly which can be a little intense for me. I prefer books where romance builds over time. This novel will not have a lasting effect on me and for that reason, I just couldn’t rate it higher.

Although this book may be a little forgettable I did really enjoy reading it and it is a great book to break up heavier books. I would be interested to read more of Clayborn’s work because I do love the way she writes.

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