Losers: Part 2, a review by Veronica

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Losers Part 2
Harley Laroux

Narration Jaclyn Kelso and J. Tipton
15 hours 16 minutes
Published on Audio 2023 Podium Audio
Published 2022 Harley LaRoux

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I posted a review of part 1 of this amazing series and wanted to do the follow up to it. I bought part one accidentally and loved it. Halfway through the first book I bought part 2 as I absolutely had to know where this was going. This book is where I finally could say I began to like the female main character. She wasn’t likable in the first book for me but definitely resonated emotion even if it was the complete opposite of liking her. The characters in this book really become part of a world that I engrossed myself in. I was originally listening in my car to part one. Midway through the first book I broke out the ear buds. I was grocery shopping, working, walking, and going to sleep with them in. I devoured this book! It is everything I could want out of a series. Especially one that I expected nothing from. The only bad thing about this book was that it ended. I sincerely hope that Harley Laroux will give us an update of the characters at some point. I need to know where they are now. Harley Laroux got a new fan out of this accident. I can’t wait to see what other things she has in store for me. It is difficult to go to in depth with this review without giving it away, but I will say buy the book! Read the book! I loved it!

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