Lore, a buddy review by Allyson and Cat

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Alexandra Bracken
Fantasy/Mythology/Young Adult

Published January 5th, 2021
By Disney-Hyperion
480 Pages

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It’s been seven years since the last Agon – a time when the Greek gods become mortal, and are vulnerable to losing their lives and powers. All in the name of punishment, of course. Now it’s time for that cycle to begin again, and Lore Perseous had the best intentions to stay underground for the whole week. You know what they say about intentions.

As the hunt begins, Lore is approached by two of the most unlikely requests for help. One from a friend believed dead, and the other from a goddess that Lore never would have dreamed of needing help. She could have walked away then, but the memory of her family demanded that she do more than merely sit this Agon out.

Allyson’s Review

This book did not live up to my expectations. Don’t get me wrong, this was not a terrible book, I think I just went into it expecting too much. Lore was a fun read and taught me a lot about greek mythology. I enjoyed the characters and the twist and turns it presented.

For me, the beginning was a little slow and hard to get into but as I kept reading I found it hard to put down. I did not like how the book kept jumping timelines, it made it hard for me to stay in the moment and keep track of what was happening. Overall I would say this is a good read but did not live up to the hype I had in my head for it.

Cat’s Review


It has been a hot minute since I read a novel so full of Greek gods and drama. I hadn’t expected to find that I really missed it! Lore was an entertaining read for me, providing a strong main character, a thrilling (and deadly) chase, and a mystery that I just couldn’t help but try and solve.

Long story short, Lore quickly grabbed my attention, making it difficult for me to put this one down. I love that this is a standalone novel, as it still gave Bracken an opportunity to explore the world and characters, but will make for an easier investment for many readers out there.


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  1. Vicki S.

    I’ve seen this one all over Facebook. Sorry to hear one of you was disappointed. I’ll probably still check it out since I’ve enjoyed most Greek mythology lit I’ve read thus far.

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