Look Closer, a review by Kristin

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Look Closer
By: David Ellis

Publication Date: July 5, 2022
Published By: G.P. Putnam’s Sons
459 pages

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“It’s a lot easier to fool someone than to convince someone they’ve been fooled.”

Simon and Vicky are a married couple. He is a law professor, and she works as an advocate for domestic violence victims. Everything about them seems perfectly normal, but something does seem to be missing between them. Right after Halloween, the body of Lauren, a socialite, is found hanging in her mansion. That’s when Simon and Vicky’s worlds seem to fall apart. Between an affair, a multi-million dollar trust fund, and a decades old grudge, the web of lies begins to untangle. Did Simon or Vicky kill Lauren?

I really enjoyed this book. Ellis did a great job of weaving the lies into a gigantic web. I was utterly shocked with some of the twists. This plot was clever and it really takes the reader by surprise. The novel starts off with a bang. Unfortunately, it sort of dies out quickly with so much unnecessary background information. I don’t mind getting background information for things we need to know, but there was a lot there that didn’t push the plot forward. The story did eventually pick back up, and then it was a real page turner. I absolutely will read another book by David Ellis. This book is perfect for fans of thrillers!


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