Lone Women, a review by Cat

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Lone Women
Victor LaValle

Published March 28, 2023
By One World
304 Pages

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Wait, are you telling me there’s a book that combines historical fiction, paranormal horror, and feminist points into one book? Where do I sign up? But seriously, Lone Women has a lot of talking points.

Adelaide Henry is on the run. From her old life, the family secrets, everything. As such, she’s found herself out in Montana’s vast and empty lands during the year 1914. Yes, she would rather take her chances surviving out here than face her past. Unfortunately, she may not have much of a choice on the latter.

The suspenseful plot of Lone Women had me on the edge of my seat. Unlike many stories that save the big reveal until the end, I found Adelaide’s secret satisfyingly dark and captivating. The book has intriguing elements – from surviving in the Western era to paranormal creatures, revenge, and human threats. It was such an engrossing read that I wished it were longer so I could savor more of it.

If you’re looking for a book that blends various themes and genres and offers a more contemplative approach to fiction, then Lone Women is worth checking out.

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