Little Aiden Series, a review by Kristie

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Little Aiden, A Feelings Book for Toddlers
Albert Choi (Author), Bettina Brasko (Illustrator)

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Have you always wanted to introduce emotions and feelings to your toddler, but don’t have the right book on hand? Or perhaps you have found a few books on emotions and feelings, but they aren’t enough to keep your toddler engaged throughout the entire book!

As Little Aiden explores and experiences different feelings and emotions, he shows other toddlers in his own little way the importance of expressing feelings. There are different emotions and feelings shown in Little Aiden including, but not limited to the following:

Sometimes Aiden feels happy.”
Sometimes Aiden feels frustrated.”
Sometimes Aiden feels angry.”

Using Aiden’s simple, repetitive style, you can teach your toddler that all their emotions and feelings are okay (not just the positive ones).

Through engaging and vivid illustrations, Little Aiden’s reactions will bring joy and laughter to the entire family.

Little Aiden, A Love Book for Toddlers
Albert Choi (Author), Bettina Brasko (Illustrator)

Amazon | Goodreads

There is a lot of excitement around the house for Little Aiden as he spends the day playing with Mommy and helping her with chores. Just like Little Aiden, toddlers go through many emotions throughout their day. It is important to accept these emotions and let your little ones know that you love them regardless of what they go through.

“I love you when you are crying.”
“I love you when you are 
“I love you when you are 
angry too.”

My Review:

These were both very cute, and explained big feelings in a simple way. My 4 year old and 2.5 year old both loved these, and they’ve been requested at bedtime all week! Bright colors and examples from someone who is small like them was the best way for these big topics.

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