Listen for the Lie, a review by Shelley

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Amy Tintera

Celadon Books
Publication Date: March 5th, 2024
352 Pages
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Another disappointing thriller with 4+ star rating and I am an outlier once again. I don’t agree with the rave reviews for this one either, but I can understand the hype…The chapters were short and punchy making them easy to read and the pages did turn quickly. It just didn’t work for me personally for a couple of reasons.

That stupid voice inside the main character, Lucy’s head became annoying and repetitive. I know some found it funny but to me it was just dumb. Police didn’t check the blood on Lucy, was it splattered there? Is it dripped? Was it because she was holding her friend? Forensics nowadays can figure this out easily. I think Lucy and the police quit too soon, which was unrealistic. It was like Lucy didn’t care about the murder of her best friend and that isn’t true because throughout the book she makes it clear it is important to her.

Lucy comes off as snarky and downright rude. I didn’t find it humorous at all as some have. It grated on my nerves. She is accused by many of being a murderer and she doesn’t remember anything so it is quite possible she is a murderer. She uses sarcasm to deal with it instead of trying to find out the truth and I am so over the amnesia trope, it’s been done to death.

When Lucy decides to go home for her grandmother’s birthday she gets roped into agreeing to do a podcast about the murder and ends up sleeping with the guy, not to mention making out with two others. Why do authors insist on putting sex in thrillers, or making women into sluts? It wasn’t necessary here, Lucy and Ben could have just done the podcast and been done with it. I was willing to look past the snark trying to be funny but the gratuitous sex in a murder mystery ruined it for me.

This was absolutely a fast-paced thriller and I liked the way the podcast sections were done but the ending fell flat and the book had me shaking my head too many times. I just don’t get it.

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