Letters for Lucien, a review by Sherry

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Letter for Lucien
Suzy England

296 pages
The Wild Rose Press
published January 15, 2024

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This book is heart wrenching.  I am not a mother and have  never been pregnant so I cannot even imagine what this couple went through.  Losing a child.  It starts with the loss, then flashes back to Sunny’s pregnancy and her and Matt’s relationship.  Throughout her pregnancy, they both write letters to their child.  Heartfelt letters with both everyday moments and words of wisdom.  The letters are beautiful and emotional.

I loved the relationship between the two and how that built and grew.  The moments of bliss and the moments of doubt.  Really showcasing how relationships work.

The bliss and anticipation as one is expecting and the utter devastation in one life shattering moment.  My heart broke for the two.

It drew me in and broke my heart.  And I didn’t even mind a little crying.

About the book

The elite of the Houston society scene are shocked when confirmed bachelor, Mathew Ellis, tumbles into marriage with NASA atmospheric researcher, Sunny Porter, after a whirlwind courtship. The gossip mill continues to churn when Sunny, a woman pushing forty, becomes pregnant just as they begin the journey of their married lives. Deliriously happy, Mathew and Sunny revel in the excitement of the pending birth–until tragedy strikes. Pregnancy complications result in their worst nightmare and without warning, Mathew and Sunny find themselves burying their infant son.

After several weeks of mourning, Mathew returns to his successful accounting firm, praying his career and a normal daily routine will put him on the path to true healing. Meanwhile, Sunny has retreated into herself. She’s become a ghost-like figure, drifting silently around their home. Mathew fears he’s lost Sunny forever. Sunny’s pain runs so deep, she’s not sure she wants to be found. Will the words contained in a collection of letters help them find their way back to one another?

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