Lethal Game, a review by Amy

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Lethal Game
Charlie Gallagher

Avon Books UK
400 pages
Available 11/11/21


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Gripping, dark and sinister. This is a unique crime thriller and police procedural that will leave you chilled by what people are capable of.

Lethal Game is the second book in this new series by Gallagher, and it picks up shortly after that of The Friend ends, with ramifications of the last case looming over Norris and Rose. I particularly liked the deeper dive we were able to get into Rose’s background. Both Norris and Rose continue to evolve as this series finds a comfortable footing.

A game is supposed to be fun. This one gets taken way too far and comes with dire consequences. And it’s a gritty, jaw clenching game. Just when the police think they are understanding the rules, they become pawns in this escapade. There are a lot of moving pieces that will keep you guessing.

The sense of foreboding is heavy in this new book. With years of experience in the criminal justice system, Gallagher lays out a complex yet believable, edge of your seat thriller. It’s well executed and obviously steeped in insider knowledge.

Thank you to Charlie Gallagher, Avon Books UK, and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review an advanced copy of this book.

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