Leaving Laodicea, a review by Veronica

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Leaving Laodicea
Amy Flemming

August 30,2023


I really enjoyed the insight discussed in this book. I myself have often thought about the topics Amy brought to our attention in such a lovely way. Things have slowly been changed, and taking with it a way of life we didn’t know was so valuable to our health and wellbeing. The definition of friend and family has changed drastically over the years. The author stimulates thought in things we have all felt and lived at some point. I myself still live in Laodicea. I will say I have yearned to leave it for years. This book definitely brings to light a way of life that would most definitely enhance the life I dream of living. The author paints a very true picture of a type of life I currently live. One without being true to who I am. I liked the book, and I will be buying a copy for my mother as this is something she would really enjoy.



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