Lakesedge, a review by Cat

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Lyndall Clipstone

Published September 28, 2021
By Henry Holt and Co.
384 Pages

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Lakesedge is another one of those books that I was counting down the days for. I was pretty certain that it was going to be included in OwlCrate’s Halloween box, so I held off on buying it. Thankfully, I was right! And now I have a stunning copy of the book.

Violeta Graceling has long known that there are evil things in this world. Her brother is not one of them, despite the terrors that plague him each night. She’s tried her best to keep him safe, but the evil of man always wins out.

Wow. I have been craving gothic novels with lots of monsters and magic lately, and Lakesedge sure hit the spot. This is a dark tale, one that isn’t afraid to pull readers along for the ride, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.
I might be slightly in the minority here, as it seems like not all readers enjoyed it as much as I did. Maybe I need to up my gothic reading game (actually, I really wouldn’t mind doing precisely that!). But I’m going to focus on my opinions for this review.

To me, Lakesedge had some powerful and familiar vibes. Mainly Beauty and the Beast crossed with an aquatic version of The Secret Garden (a childhood favorite of mine – and possibly the reason why I loved this book so much). With a bit more magic in the mix, of course. Not to mention a little brother in need of saving (or does he take the place of Belle’s father in this comparison? Hrm).

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