Kings and Queens, a review by Tanya

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Kings and Queens
J.N. Eagles

164 pages
Published 2020

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About the Book:

Kings and Queens is a coming of age poetry book. The story follows a young queen as she struggles to find herself while dealing with the king’s rule, the fire-breathing dragon, and the evil queen.

My Review:

I know pretty much nothing about Poetry.  But I do know that I’ve never read an entire book/story that is written in such a way!

I loved this Fantasy, loved the rhythm of the lyrical writing and how Eagles was able to tell a full tale in this fashion.

It made me think of scenes in movies where a bard would tell tales for their court.

Really fun!

Thank you so much to J.N. Eagles for allowing me to read her work and being so patient with me while I worked it into my overflowing TBR pile!

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