Keeping the Watch, a review by Corina

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Keeping the Watch
Patrick Blau


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Here on earth, mankind is pretty much like a bunch of thorns, Joseph. Hard, sharp, and painful. After mankind gets to see Him with His real crown though, mankind won’t be such a pain anymore.

It was such an honor to read this family saga. Through different generations and keepers of the watch, keeping the watch takes on new and different meanings. Christ shines His Light on us in the darkest of times so we can find ourselves back to Him. The token of the watch at different times brought back the keepers to their family when it was needed most.

You could really see the changes through the times and generations as the book progresses. Albeit, knowing that using names that have been in the family is common back then. It was challenging to match person to every recycled name. But the person was as unique as the next time the name was used. It was interesting how there ended up being two watched from two different sides of the family. It’d be interesting to find out where the Armbrust found itself now. It was also endearing when Jesus shown Himself as different people in different eras to different people in the Blau family.

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