Keep It In The Family, a review by Shelley

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John Marrs

Thomas & Mercer
Published October 18th, 2022
380 pages
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I so enjoy John Marrs books. This is my sixth read of his, I have loved every single one of them and the prologue in this one gave me high hopes. About fifty percent through this one I was ready to give it five stars. It was engaging, creepy, and well-paced. Then about halfway in it started to get a bit over the top…now I can do over the top, I call them popcorn thrillers. They are a little out there but the entertainment value is worth looking past all the unbelievable parts. Then I got to the seventy-five percent mark of the book and it got SO unbelievably “out there” and I had to suspend my belief SO much that I stop enjoying it.

This book didn’t even read like the John Marrs I am familiar with and I didn’t like the style of the first-person narrative, it simply just didn’t work here. I did not like ANY of the characters, not even Mia. I felt the entire cast was a bunch of deplorables and I had no one to root for. I had the big reveal figured out almost right away so there were really no surprises for me either. I loved this author’s other works so much so I will keep reading whatever he puts out and will put this one down to a one-off bust.

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