Just Haven’t Met You Yet, a review by Amy

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Just Haven’t Met You Yet
Sophie Cousens
400 pages

“I’m not sure if this raw version of me even existed before,” said Laura.
“She was always there,” he said. “You just hadn’t met her yet.”

Heartwarming and sentimental with plenty of sigh worthy moments! Just Haven’t Met You Yet was exactly the pick-me-up I needed, and I devoured it in one sitting.

Laura is host of the popular “Love Life” spot where couples tell their swoon-worthy meet-cute stories. Her own parents had an epic love story, and Laura won’t settle for anything less. Off on assignment, Laura accidentally grabs the wrong suitcase. But was it really the wrong suitcase? It appears to hold evidence of her perfect mate! Maybe this is fate’s way of intervening! Will Laura finally get her own idyllic love story?

I really loved the main character, Laura. She felt authentic and relatable, struggling with ideology that plagues many modern day women. That juxtaposition between longing for a partner while definitively taking control of your own future is adeptly undertaken. Can I be a bit of both Meg Ryan circa 90’s rom-coms and also an empowered, dissenting RBG?!

This book oozes charm! From Phil Collins to flying tampons to seedy chaise lounges (I may never look at a chaise lounge the same!), I had a smile plastered on my face as I turned page after page compulsively. It had everything I love in a good uplit: main characters I wholeheartedly root for, an endearing cast of supporting characters, the loveliest “take me there” setting, and a message that made my heart grow three sizes.

Cousens charmed me last year with This Time Next Year. But she’s at her knock-your-socks-off-best with Just Haven’t Met You Yet!

Thank you Sophie Cousens and Putnam Books for a #gifted copy of this book to read and review.





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