June’s OwlCrate, a reveal and review by Cat

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OwlCrate – A Box of Bookish Goodies

OwlCrate is one of many book boxes currently available for all the bibliophiles of the world. OwlCrate’s focus is on Young Adult (with a strong leaning towards fantasy), and each monthly box includes a new young adult book and several bookish goodies. Included in the goodies will always be an exclusive pin.

Best of all (for those collectors out there), each month has a special theme for the entire box.

June’s theme for OwlCrate was Go Your Own Way.

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*In case it wasn’t obvious, don’t look too closely at the rest of this post, if you’re hoping to avoid spoilers!

Now, before I begin my reveal and review, I want to address the elephant in the room here. My post is way later than usual, and there’s a good reason for that. OwlCrate has been experiencing some shipping delays (with getting their items, not with sending out the boxes), which unfortunately affected June’s box. I think it’s going to delay July’s box as well, though hopefully not as badly. On the bright side, it sort of feels like Christmas in July, what with potentially getting two OwlCrate boxes in the same month. (Fingers crossed!)

Book – June’s OwlCrate was another success story in my book! (Pun intended – I’m sorry). The Sisters of the Snake is an Indian fantasy remix of the classic tale The Prince and the Pauper. As for what made this copy special, OC’s copy is a lovely greenish teal, as opposed to the standard orange cover. I personally really liked the change. The cover also has an exclusive foil design, which is divine, and reverse jacket artwork. – Check back on July 31st for Cat’s review!

Lunch Tote – One of the bigger items in this month’s box is a lunch tote, designed by Janine Lecour, with the fans of Throne of Glass in mind. I know, queue all the squealing. It’s super cute, and I am in love with that shade of green.

Enamel Bottle Opener – Honestly, I think that the enamel bottle opener might just be my favorite item from this box, and I was thrilled with every single item, mind you. Inspired by The Starless Seas (yes!), this bottle opener is simply STUNNING. It’s gold with lovely stars and a bee cutout to really add to the look.

Water Bottle – June’s box included the second in their unique drinkware series. I had no idea what to expect (remember, the last one was a wine cup with a lid – and I use it all the time!). It ended up being a metal water bottle inspired by Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. It’s super cute, has a nice weight, and seems durable. It’s probably going to get used a lot around here.

Decision Coin – Okay, I’ll confess. I’m actually torn between the decision coin and the bottle opener. Both are absolutely amazing, and I am in love. Not only are they high quality, but they’re two of my favorite fandoms. So I might be just a touch biased here. Moving on. The decision coin is inspired by the Fable duology, and has ‘Smooth Sailing’ on one side and ‘Rough Seas’ on the other. I love it! Best of all, I was shocked by the actual weight of this thing. I wouldn’t recommend tossing it at any surface prone to dings, I can tell you that much!

Extra Goodies – Is it just me, or did it feel like there were more goodies than usual this month? There are two more items left to discuss from this month’s box. The first is a foil art print inspired by Strange the Dreamer. It’s absolutely lovely, even coming from somebody who hasn’t read the book (yet, it’s on the list!). As an added surprise, there’s also a lovely bookmark in the shape of a feather. It features artwork for Six Crimson Cranes, which is an amazing book that I think everyone should try reading. Again, my bias speaking out. So that was a nice surprise for me.

July Hints & Theories:

Next up is July’s theme: Potions and Poisons. As I already mentioned, this box is a bit delay, though I’m hoping they’ll be shipping soon. Here’s what I know about July’s box:

  1. There will be a kitchen/fabric item (very curious as to what it could be) designed by Aimee Mac Illustration
  2. There will be some sort of self-care item included, created by @fictionbathco
  3. The book involves a magical girl with the ability to grow plants, and she is about to find more magic when moving to a new estate. I have some theories on what book it will be, but I don’t want to spoil it! I do know that the box has an exclusive cover, reversible dust jacket, and foil design.
  4. Items in the box are inspired by the following fandoms: Alice in Wonderland, Labyrinth Lost, The Chronicles of Narnia, Three Dark Crowns, and The Midnight Lie. Plus one item that is more bookish than fandom.

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