June Picks for Aardvark Book Club

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Much like BOTM, every month Aardvark Book Club makes a selection of books available to subscribers. Usually, you can choose from five options and pick up to three books per month (paying extra for the add-ons).

June’s Aardvark choices are:

-Ascension (Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller)
-Practice Makes Perfect (Romance, Contemporary Fiction)
-The Guest (Literary Fiction)
-The Chateau (Thriller, LGBTQ+)
-Cassandra in Reverse (Contemporary Fiction, Romance)

To sign up for Aardvark, click HERE (not an affiliate link)

Cat’s Pick:

So, I made the really hard decision to only get one book this month. A few new book boxes/special edition boxes are coming out this month, so I needed to save some of my book budget for that!

Ascension – I’m always going to pick the book that promises to play with multiple genres I love. In this case, we have a bit of sci-fi, horror, thriller, and event some mystery? I mean, come on! Of course, I’m going to read that. It has an okay rating on Goodreads, so I guess we’ll see how it goes!

One day somebody noticed a new snow-covered mountain that popped up in the Pacific Ocean. When did that happen? How come nobody noticed? And most importantly – what caused it? Harold Tunmore has been sent to find the answer to these questions.

TW: Suicide, death

Stay tuned later this month for my review of Ascension!

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