July Picks for BOTM

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Every month BOTM makes five to seven books available to subscribers, plus a plethora of add-ons to choose from. Here are Cat’s choices for the month!

July’s BOTM choices are:

-The First Ladies (Historical Fiction)
-The Connellys of County Down (Contemporary Fiction)
-Dark Corners (Thriller)
-Hello Stranger (Romance)
-Immortal Longings (Fantasy)

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Cat’s Picks:

Dark Corners
– Dark Corners is the second novel in Megan Goldin’s Rachell Krall series. In other words, it is set in the same world as The Night Swim. I didn’t even know that The Night Swim would get a sequel, so I’m thrilled with this news!

When an influencer goes missing, Rachel Krall is called in to help find her. The trouble is that this influencer seems to only exist online. There’s no family to be found, no friends to claim her. In fact, nobody can claim to have ever seen her in person. How do you find a person who has no trail to follow?

Stay tuned later this month for my review of Dark Corners!

Immortal Longings –
Immortal Longings is the adult debut novel of the one and only Chloe Gong. It’s also the first novel in her newest series, Flesh and False Gods. And doesn’t that sound like a thrilling and terrifying series title? And did I mention that Immortal Longings is inspired by Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra?

Princess Calla Tuoleimi has been hiding ever since her parents were murdered during a massacre. A massacre she was responsible for. Now she’s on the run from King Kasa’s forces, determined to finish what she started.

Stay tuned later this month for my review of Immortal Longings!

The Only One Left
– The Only One Left is one of the new add-on options for the month. I think this is the first time BOTM announced an add-on so early, as people could add it to their carts 10ish days ago. As it’s Riley Sagar’s new book, people have been discussing it nonstop.

There are moments that stick in local history forever. The Hope family murder is one such incident for the people of Maine. The police could never prove who the killer was; they only strongly suspected the culprit. Decades later, the lead suspect is in her seventies and in need of constant care. Perhaps that is why she’s willing to tell her story now.

Stay tuned later this month for my review of The Only One Left!

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