July Picks for Aardvark Book Club

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Much like BOTM, every month Aardvark Book Club makes a selection of books available to subscribers. Usually, you can choose from five options and pick up to three books per month (paying extra for the add-ons).

July’s Aardvark choices are:

-The Paris Daughter (Historical Fiction)
-The Memory of Animals (Literary Fiction, Sci-Fi, Mystery)
-The Drowning Woman (Mystery, Crime, Thriller)
-Same Time Next Summer (Romance, Coming-of-Age)
-The Rachel Incident (Literary Fiction, LGBTQ+)

To sign up for Aardvark, click HERE (not an affiliate link)

Cat’s Pick:

I was really torn this month. I (almost) couldn’t decide between The Memory of Animals and The Drowning Woman. Yes, I know I can pick up to three…but I’m trying to work on my TBR stack. To keep it from getting worse, I’m doing my best to pick only one book from Aardvark. We’ll see how long that lasts.

The Memory of Animals
– I know that The Memory of Animals will probably break my heart…but I’m also so compelled to read it. I can’t look away. It will probably also get a little too read at times, so viewer discretion is advised.

A pandemic is sweeping across the planet. This mysterious illness is causing memory loss, sensory damage, and even death. There may be a vaccine for it, but trial and error is always a concern for new vaccines. Neffy is willing to try it, but doing so will send her down the rabbit hole of her past.

TW: Global pandemic, death

Stay tuned later this month for my review of The Memory of Animals!




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