Journey of Souls, a Review by Mary

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Journey of Souls
Rebecca Warner

January 14th, 2024
Self Published
504 pages

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I honestly do not know where to begin. The Journey of Souls is a fantasy that takes place in 13th Century Occitaine (Southern France). The story starts with one of the main characters and do I dare say antagonist, The Lady of Mirefoix. Believing that her husband was dead for many years has returned with secrets of dark magic that will consume the Lady of Mirefoix.

What I absolutely loved was the writing style. The author transported me into this world with the way she strung words together. There were parts in the book that made me think if this truly happened in the 13th century to these characters, and if it did she is giving them a voice. I loved the multiple point of views in the book, it felt like I was adding new friends to my life as a new character was introduced. I did not want to leave the book once I finished it. There were times when I felt sad for a character’s situation or flabbergasted by a decision that a character made. I truly loved this book, and I am hoping the author continues to create stories just like this one.

Additionally, the author added definitions of words, history of places etc at the end of the story. I enjoyed this section as well, it felt like the author was inviting me to take a look at the dedication and love she put in to create such a wonderful novel. I cannot wait to read more from the author.

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