Jade Fire Gold, a review by Cat

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Jade Fire Gold
June C.L. Tan

Published October 12, 2021
By HrperTeen
464 Pages

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I was lucky enough to get a beautiful copy of Jade Fire Gold with my October OwlCrate box, and let me tell you – it is stunning! Then again, I’m a sucker for sprayed edges, so that probably is no real surprise. Jade Fire Gold is the debut novel of June C.L. Tan, and I am already looking forward to more of her work.
Ahn and Altan both live in a world on the verge of breaking apart, all thanks to greed and war. Yet they each see different sides of this suffering. It will take the two of them coming together for them to stand a chance at saving their people.

Wow. Jade Fire Gold absolutely lived up to the hype I built in my head. Given the cover, description, and comparison promises (The Bone Witch crossed with We Hunt the Flame? Yes, please!). But I was still blown away by what I found here.
Okay, I’ll admit that part of the reason why I ended up loving Jade Fire Gold so much is that it had some pretty strong Zutara vibes (my favorite ship from Avatar: The Last Airbender, for those that are confused). But it’s so much more than that! This novel is very much capable of standing on its own, despite how many comparisons we readers have been tempted to make.
The world June C.L.Tan created here is wonderful, complex, and something I am desperate to see more of. Thankfully, I don’t think I’ll have to say goodbye to the world or characters anytime soon, as I think there is a sequel on the horizon.

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