It All Comes Back To You, a review by Kristin

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It All Comes Back To You
By: Melissa Wiesner

Publication Date: August 22, 2023
Published By: Bookouture
336 Pages

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Anna works two jobs to get herself through college and never, ever talks about her family. It’s easier to keep her distance from everyone until she can finally leave her old life behind. That is, until chance throws her together with Gabe…

Gabe is top of the class, in a fancy fraternity, and has a big, perfect, warm-hearted family. He is everything Anna is not. Their connection is undeniable. His silver-blue eyes pierce right through her, and he makes her laugh in ways she never thought possible. But Anna would do anything to stop Gabe from discovering her darkest secret, and the real reason she goes home every night to a cold, silent apartment…

When Gabe and his family get close to the truth, Anna runs, vowing to never see them again. But forever is a long time…

Years later. Tragedy brings Anna back to the town she grew up in—a place she escaped a decade ago. When Gabe wraps his strong arms around her, it’s like finally finding home.

But when the truth comes out after all these years, will both their worlds come crashing down? Gabe is the one person Anna trusts most: but what if he has secrets, too? And how much pain can two hearts endure, before they are torn apart forever?

My Review

I’ve been on a great streak lately because this is another fantastic book! Yes, it is a romance book, but there is so much more to it than that. We meet Anna when she’s 16. She’s strong and determined. But also, very fragile in a way. It is so easy to root for her; I wanted nothing more than for her life to be better. As time goes by and her relationship with Gabe and his family strengthens, she figures out her way in life. It made me proud of this fictional character! I loved Gabe’s family. They are loud, rambunctious, and full of laughter. I wanted to be part of that family because that type of family is something that I never had.

As this book takes place over MANY years, you can feel the tension and love between Gabe and Anna. Were there some things that each of them did that was questionable? Yes. Did I wonder why Anna may have acted a particular way? Yes. I would love to speak with the author to find out why those choices were made. But in the end, my heart was full of love and I wanted more of Gabe and Anna. Please give me more!


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