Instructions for Dancing, a review by Tanya

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Instructions for Dancing
by Nicola Yoon
Narrator Bahni Turpin

8 hours
Published June 2021 by Delacorte Press

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About the Book:

Evie Thomas doesn’t believe in love anymore. Especially after the strangest thing occurs one otherwise ordinary afternoon: She witnesses a couple kiss and is overcome with a vision of how their romance began . . . and how it will end. After all, even the greatest love stories end with a broken heart, eventually.

As Evie tries to understand why this is happening, she finds herself at La Brea Dance studio, learning to waltz, fox-trot, and tango with a boy named X. X is everything that Evie is not: adventurous, passionate, daring. His philosophy is to say yes to everything–including entering a ballroom dance competition with a girl he’s only just met.

Falling for X is definitely not what Evie had in mind. If her visions of heartbreak have taught her anything, it’s that no one escapes love unscathed. But as she and X dance around and toward each other, Evie is forced to question all she thought she knew about life and love. In the end, is love worth the risk?

My Review:

This YA Romance was beautiful!

The characters were lovely, I didn’t want this book to end as I loved spending time with them all.

The romance was sweet!Β  As this was a YA Romance, the clean love story was a perfect fit.

The dancing was really fun.Β  It did take a backseat to the rest of the story and was only mentioned here and there, but it made for a nice backdrop.

The bit of magical realism added to the story made this sparkle with extra special charm.

Romance readers should pick this one up for a light, happy read!

Thank you to #DelacrotePress and #NetGalley for making this book available for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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