Indie Author Spotlight of Tom Dumbrell by Robyn

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Hi! I’m Robyn from The Book Review Crew and one of my favorite things to do is to support Indie writers. Being on “Bookstgram,” I’ve found many authors that deserve the spotlight. This month my focus is on Tom Dumbrell, who has written a fantasy book, The Look of a King. I read his book and found it incredibly enjoyable and think it would appeal to the mass population. I got the opportunity to ask Tom a few questions. I hope you enjoy!


Robyn: What is the easiest part of your writing process and what is the hardest part?
Tom Dumbrell: I find ideas to be the easiest part, especially since establishing my characters. I feel as though I know them well enough to let them make their own decisions and guide the story. As for getting the ideas down on the page, I find it increasingly difficult to make time for writing. I’ve never studied any form of creative writing either, so it can be difficult to find the words that bring my story to life. My imagination works a lot quicker than my writing prowess allows!
RB: If you could write in any other genre, what would it be?
TD: I would love to write a thriller or a mystery, I think I have a decent grasp of writing twists and unexpected action, so this could be a good fit. I also love the ‘whodunnit’ quality of these books that leave you guessing until the last page. (Editorial note: I agree with his ability to write twists, as it was my favorite part of his debut.)
RB: Did your character turn out how you wanted? Would you go back and change anything about them if you could?
TD: I am very happy with the way my characters turned out. I think that they will always have a large part of the author within them, but I am very close to the main protagonist of ‘The Look of a King’ and it was a joy to explore the world with him. Beyond that, I have a small but fairly vibrant cast, all of whom I enjoyed writing. My main aim is to ensure that the characters are all multi-faceted, not grey necessarily but neither evil, nor perfect – I hope I’ve achieved that, or that I can continue to develop this in the sequel.

The Look of a King is available now!



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