In the Pines, a review by Kristie

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In the Pines
Mariah Stillbrook

374 pages
November 14, 2023
Creative James Media

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Two witches, two secrets, and a curse that could tear a family apart.

Olivia and Ellie have lived their lives knowing a dark entity is stalking their family, determined to kill them all. After the death of Olivia’s son, she abandons her magic and her family, leaving Ellie in a nightmare of heartbreak, her marriage crumbling and her sister gone. Determined to save their mother Arianna from a spell that left her comatose, the two sisters must come together to unravel the riddle of the curse that has haunted their family for generations.

But as they delve into the past, the truth they uncover is more twisted and treacherous than they ever could have imagined. Will they be able to break the curse, or will it consume them all?

My Review:


What started as a story about cursed witches ended up being a really powerful story about love and family. Ellie and Olivia are sisters who have been brought back together after years apart to help figure out a spell to save their mother….and likely everyone else, too. As they figure out different parts of the curse and magic, the sisters learn more about themselves in both this life, and the past. Getting to the root of the curse and understanding where it came from was an interesting and powerful journey that this family needed to take.



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