In a Holidaze, a review by Allyson

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In a Holidaze
336 pages
Published October 6th, 2020
Gallery Books

I have heard many great things about Christina Lauren. Now I see what all the hype is about. I love, love, loved this book! It was easily one of the best Christmas books I have ever read. This is like a rom-com mixed with a hallmark Christmas movie (which are my favorite) mixed with Groundhog Day in the best way.


Mae’s family spends every Christmas with their family friends at a cabin. It’s the biggest Christmas tradition they have. At the end of the holiday, their family friends tell Mae’s family they have to sell the cabin and that was the last Christmas they would be spending there. Feeling down on her luck, Losing the cabin, being single, and stuck at a job she doesn’t like, Mae makes a plea to the universe. She asks to show her what would make her happy. Suddenly she is in a car crash and wakes up back at the beginning of the holiday and tasked with figuring out what she can change to make herself happy and possibly save the cabin.


I love Christmas time! It’s my favorite time of the year, all the lights, decorations, and spending time with family just make me so happy. With the holiday season being a little different ( thanks, Covid!) I really needed a cute Christmas rom-com filled with family fun and lots of Christmas traditions. That is exactly what I got with this, it really put me in the spirit. Now if it would just snow here I would be fully into the season. The characters were great, I loved the conversations between everyone and felt most characters were fairly well developed. Of course, the writing style was wonderful as you would expect.


I’m just going to state the obvious here. This is a Christmas book and does not dive into a deep or meaningful discussion about many real issues. Obviously, there are bigger issues happening to people in the world than losing the cabin they spend Christmas at, I know that. Also, the main love interest was a little too perfect. I would have liked for him to have at least some kind of flaw to make his character a little more believable.

Overall I would say this book is great for anyone looking to get into the Christmas/holiday spirit or looking for an easy, light read.

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