In a Book Club Far Away, a review by Cat

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In a Book Club Far Away
Tif Marcelo

400 Pages
Published April 5, 2021
By Gallery Books

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Tif Marcelo is back with another contemporary fiction novel, In a Book Club Far Away. With a title like that, what book lover could resist the temptation to pick it up? I know that I certainly couldn’t! Especially with this being one of BOTM’s choices for March.

There was a time when Regina, Adelaide, and Sophie were best friends. When they would happily spend their time going to book clubs together and just enjoying each other’s company. That was a long time ago. Distance and time have left a mark.

Yet when Adelaide reaches out for help eight years later, Regina and Sophie don’t hesitate. What follows is a reunion that forces these three women to get over the pain of their past, in an effort to find their future.

There are two major highlights of In a Book Club Far Away. The first, it follows three army wives and gives a bit more insight into that life. The second is a telling of three faded friendships, something we can all sympathize with.

No, wait. I take it back. There’s another plus for this novel: book quotes! Each part is headed off with an iconic quote. It gave me a huge grin, and I have a feeling many other book lovers will react similarly.

All of that being said, I wasn’t as enchanted by In a Book Club Far Away as I had hoped. It had potential, but largely I felt like the book itself didn’t live up to the description. Or maybe it’s the description that didn’t fit the book? Either way, I felt something was missing, and it made it much harder for me to find any real connection with the plot or the characters.

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