I’m Glad My Mom Died, a review by Di

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Janette Mccurdy

Simon and Schuster
August 9, 2022
320 pages

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I’m not sure what made me choose to read a book with such an off-putting title. I even doubted that I would get past the first chapter or two. But, as I started to read about the struggles of Jeannette Mccurdy, a popular child actor, I was drawn into her story.

It’s a classic story of a stage Mom pushing a daughter to be everything Mom herself wanted to be. I’ve heard about stories like this for years but I’ve never read a detailed account. In the beginning, when Jannette was just starting as a child actor, all she wants to do is to please Mom. She knows no different. And, she had to go to great lengths to please Mom. Mom is manipulative and pushy and an expert at sending people on guilt trips. Mom forces Jannette into anorexia and bulimia, acting.

Jannette holds nothing back in the retelling of her tale. At times it is very hard to read. She bares her soul. Memoirs are a strange thing…..the author can only relate events from their perspective. Her mother’s perspective would definitely be different.

I believe this book was cathartic for Jannette. She could have possibly chosen a different title. But, perhaps not. She admits that she misses her mom. But, if Mom had not passed away, Jannette may not have started her long road to healing. So she would be glad that her mom died in order to facilitate her recovery. Nothing is black and white.

Recovery for Jannette will be a lifelong process. She realizes it and she is now an active participant in that recovery.

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