If You’re Reading This…, a review by Kristin

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If You’re Reading This…
By: Kiersten Modglin

Publication Date: September 1, 2022
Published By: Kiersten Modglin
~ 320 pages

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Colbie, a year after what should have been the happiest day of her life, was still grieving the loss of her fiancé, Phil. She and her three friends decide to get away for the weekend. With her, Colbie takes a box of letters given to her on her wedding day, to be opened on her one-year anniversary. Included in those letters was an unexpected letter, from an unexpected person. Colbie needs to know what happened to Phil on the day he died, and what secrets are still being kept from her. She embarks on a mission to find out the truth, and after being warned to leave things be, she learns everyone is protecting a secret.

I have read all Modglin’s books. This one was very unexpected, as it focuses not only on the suspense of the events, but highlights love and loss. It is suspenseful, gut-wrenching, emotional, fresh, and keeps you guessing. The book alternates between two time periods, the present and the day of Colbie’s wedding, up until the read knows how the days events went for Colbie. The book, of course, starts off with a bank and continues with slow-burn suspense. And after 30+ books, I still cannot figure out Modglin’s mind! She always comes up with something new, and I can never figure out where her books are going. I wrote down some ideas when I was reading, and I was right on one of them, FINALLY! But the other three ideas that I had were completely off. I personally didn’t love the ending – I’m not one for these types of endings in suspense books, but that is a personal preference and does not reflect at all on Modglin’s amazing writing. This is another 4-star book from Modglin, and one that you won’t want to miss.



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