If Shadows Could Tell, a review by Cat

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If Shadows Could Tell: an Aurora Steller Mystery Novel
Granthana Sinha

Published April 11, 2020
By Amazon Digital Services
283 Pages

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There are many different types of thrillers out in the world. Personally, some of my favorites have stemmed from the psychological thriller category. There’s something so chilling about a tale that feels a little too real. Enter If Shadows Could Tell, written by Granthana Sinha.

We’ve heard tales like it. A body is found, but the authorities are quick to write it off and even quicker to close down the investigation (assuming there had ever been one). Aurora Steller is not about to let that happen with Janet Clay’s story. This amateur sleuth is going to get to the bottom of what happened.

If Shadows Could Tell was a thrilling tale, I’m not trying to be punny there. It’s an accurate description of this novel. I love that it’s set in a small town and follows a young, determined (and grieving) friend, as everything about this setting gives it so much potential.

This novel takes some time to get rolling, but readers will quickly find themselves fully invested when it does. For that reason, I highly recommend reading If Shadows Could Tell.

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