I Must Betray You, a review by Cat

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I Must Betray You
Ruta Sepetys

Published February 1, 2022
By Penguin
321 Pages

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I’ll confess: I put off reading I Must Betray You for a couple of months. Why? Ruta Sepetys’ last novel absolutely wrecked me, so I had to prepare myself for this latest novel emotionally. We all know the writing will be spectacular and thus hit us right in the feels as always.

Wow. I don’t know how Ruta Sepetys does it, but her work is always so beautifully (and painfully) emotional and human. It is impossible to do anything other than feel for the characters in her story, as it feels like we’re transported in time, only allowed to watch the story as it unfolds.

I Must Betray You very much lives up to the high expectations readers like to have. It is brilliant, tense, and incredibly emotional. Likewise, it doesn’t shy away from the graphic nature of the events that occurred in 1989. Readers might want to consider themselves warned on that count.

I think I Must Betray You may be my favorite Ruta Sepetys book (to date – give it time, and I’m sure I’ll fall in love with the next release. I always do), which is saying something. So please, go ahead and read I Must Betray You; you won’t regret it.

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