I Know You, a review by Sherry

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I Know You
Claire McGowan

365 pages
Thomas & Mercer
published October 19, 2021

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What would you do if lightning struck twice?  Rachel has once again found herself suspected of murder.  How does she get herself out of this pickle? Told in alternating chapters between the present in the midst of the murder investigation of her boyfriend’s wife and a narration of the past leading up to the murder of the family she was nanny to.

As we progress with the story, we are left to determine if Rachel is a reliable narrator or if she is indeed being set up and by whom.  I was left guessing right up until the end.  This book is ambitious as there is a mystery in the past and a mystery in the present unraveling at the same time and while I suspected many different scenarios and culprits, I was not right on any count.

I like that the two timelines had different tones to reflect the different ages of Casey/Rachel.  There was always a little foreshadowing at the end of a chapter and then you had to wait while you read from the other timeline.  I would have thought I would be annoyed with that, but instead it kept me very interested.

While I read a lot of thrillers, this one really kept my attention and wanting to know what happened.  I’d recommend it to any thriller lover.

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