I Kill Killers, a review by Joanna

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I Kill Killers

ST Ashman

321 pages

Published Oct 10, 2023

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I Kill Killers is a suspense thriller set in Boston, about a celebrated concert pianist who moonlights as a self-appointed executioner of serial killers, and the FBI agent who is determined to catch her. I requested this despite being so bored with serial killer plotlines that I’m avoiding them as much as possible –  because I do enjoy female vigilante stories. While there wasn’t anything new here, and it requires significant suspension of disbelief, it’s a good effort for a new author.

When a horribly mutilated body is found in the woods, Special Agent Liam Richter from the FBI’s Behavioural Analysis Unit tracks a possible witness to the Boston Symphony. Meeting beautiful Leah Nachtnabel, he can’t understand how all the clues keep pointing in her direction. Leah has known since childhood that she is different, and despite her glamorous life, feels no emotion, except when she kills evil men. When Liam’s team discover what their victim has been getting up to, some are on the side of his killer, but he believes in the law – and will stop at nothing to enforce it.
I enjoyed this with some reservations. Unlike Dexter, the most obvious comparison, Leah lacks charm – her POV chapters are told in first person past narration, and we learn that she has autism and alexithymia, but no real explanation for her behaviour is given. She has a relationship with a male escort whom she pays to act like a husband – I’m not sure that this added to the plot, apart from as an excuse to throw in some raunchy sex scenes. Liam, on the other hand, is a hard working devoted father who lost his marriage to his job, and will do anything for his colleagues. I found it hard to believe that it takes him quite so long to work out what’s going on. Leah is on the trail of another serial murderer who leaves his victims alive to be run over by trains, and I was waiting for more about why, but this plot thread was dealt with rather too easily and no explanation is given. The unresolved ending leaves things open for a sequel, and I would be interested to see the cat and mouse game between Liam and Leah continue. 3.5 rounded up for good twists and avoidance of the present tense.
Thanks to NetGalley and Victory Editing Co-op for the ARC. #IKillKillers

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