I Hate You More, a review by Sherry

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I Hate You More
Lucy Gilmore

9 hours 12 minutes
Dreamscape Media
released November 2, 2021

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Enemies to lovers trope, a dog show, twin brothers, a former beauty queen, a disobedient dog, many competitions, and a few small lies. What more could you want in a rom com? I listened to this one as my walking book and got a few strange looks as I giggled. I must admit I’m usually a thriller reader, but I do love a good rom com and this one was a good one.

Ruby meets Caleb and Spencer as she tries to add the dog of one of the nursing home residents where she works to a dog show. And as you’d expect in a romcom, the sparks fly. Caleb hits on her and Spencer tries to block the entry. There’s a little bit of who will Ruby end up with at the start of the book, but that quickly melts away.

This was a fun listen. I always knew where the book was headed, but enjoyed the journey. As narrators, Alex Knox and Macy Sterling just added to the fun. The book loses just a little bit of its playfulness at the end, but not enough to stop you from listening. And just so we’re clear, while this one isn’t too steamy, it is a little spicier than a Hallmark movie.

I really think this one will be enjoyable to anyone who loves a fun romcom.

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