Horrid, a Review by Cat

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Katrina Leno

Horror, Young Adult
336 Pages
Published September 15th, 2020 by Little Brown Books

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It’s that time of the year where you can’t peek inside a bookshop without seeing dozens of horror and spooky novels covering the displays. One of the novels most talked about this season is Horrid. Personally, this book came across my plate thanks to its inclusion in September’s OwlCrate box.


Jane North-Robinson had a happy life in the sunny state of California. That is, right up until her father died, and both she and her mother were forced to move to New England (in fall, at that) with little notice.


From there, Jane’s life quickly becomes a foreboding mystery, as the secret the entire town knows is about her family, and Jane seems to be the only one left in the dark. No matter where she looks, it always comes back to the roses.


Horrid is certainly one of the creepier novels I’ve read this year, and with good reason! Jane’s adventure is dark and twisted, and while some parts of the conclusion were predictable – plenty of other elements remained a surprise.


For me, this novel really excelled in the aesthetic. It was just as much about setting up just how cold her new home was, how creepy and in disrepair it truly is. The secrets established, and the scents alluded to. All of this worked together to make for a captivating yet surprisingly quick read.


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