Honey Girl, a review by Allyson

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Honey Girl
Morgan Rogers
293 pages
Published February 23, 2021
By Park Row Books

You can find it on amazon.

This was one of my most anticipated 2021 releases, so when I saw it on BOTM I jumped on it! Honey Girl is about a very organized and focused girl getting drunk and married in vegas completely out of nowhere.

Grace is raised by a military-trained father who has her following a strict life plan but what happens when she meets and marries a girl the exact opposite of her? Grace embarks on a journey to figure out what exactly she actually wants from life and how she can get there.

I loved this book so much. Grace is an amazing main character, and the side characters are great too! I honestly loved the found family vibes of this book. This book also is very well written, I especially love the parts of the radio show! The love interest was my favorite character by far. I love that Honey Girl hit on the topic of mental health and showed someone struggling with mental health who finds positive ways to overcome their obstacles. I did find the beginning of the book to build a bit slow and I would have liked to see the pacing picked up but otherwise, this book was just perfect to me!

I am reaching out to all the lonely people out there and telling them to please read this book, I promise you won’t regret it.



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