Hitting the Jackpot, a review by Joanna

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Hitting The Jackpot

Tom Alan

Bloodhound Books

352 pages

Published May 4th, 2023


Hitting the Jackpot is a contemporary romcom set in London, about a young English language teacher whose life becomes amusingly complicated when he wins the National Lottery. I don’t read much in this genre any more, but am always drawn to stories about people winning big on Lotto, and was in the mood for something light and fluffy. It’s a cute story with an entertaining cast of oddball characters, although not as funny as I was expecting.

Jack can’t believe his luck when his favourite numbers come up on Powerball – they’re worth £2.3 million! The only problem is that his beetchy Australian wife Cindy, who’s recently announced she’s divorcing him, wants her half – but he doesn’t think she deserves it. When a pretty young nurse backs into his new beemer, he finds his luck turning again…
This is a charming story that should keep most romance fans happy – Jack is a loveable dork, Milly his love interest has a heart of gold, and Cindy his ex makes a great villain. There are lots of Jane Austen references, thought-provoking musings about the vagaries of the English language, and random anti-Brexit digs. The plot isn’t as predictable as I expected, and the ending was (eye-rollingly) sweet. 3.5 rounded down for the present tense. Thanks to Bloodhound Books for the ARC.

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