Hidden Pictures, a review by Shelley

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Jason Rekulak

Flatiron Books
Published May 10, 2022
384 pages
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What would you do if the child you’re watching starts drawing pictures like this?

Well, that’s what the new nanny, Mallory, is dealing with when Teddy starts to draw pictures of his invisible friend, Anya. The beginning of this book was SO good. I was really enjoying the creep factor of a child possessed and communicating through sketching. I liked that the nanny, Mallory, had a dark past so it made it easy to brush her off. It was engrossing and the pages practically tuned themselves. The character development was phenomenal and the cover is amazing.

When I got to the 75-80 percent mark the book took a turn that I didn’t like. I will state that I did not see that twist coming BUT any babysitter worth their salt would have had that figured out on the first day, I mean Teddy is five for crying out loud! And the last scenes were just too unbelievable to make this enjoyable. I was too busy shaking my head and rolling my eyes to find that ending even a bit entertaining. I do not mind suspending belief but the author was asking for a little too much in my opinion.

Many people have given this book four and five stars so judge for yourself, it just might be a case of me not being the right person for the book. I would definitely give the author another go and have heard wonderful things about his debut novel The Impossible Fortress.

This book is now available for purchase.

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