Her Sister’s Death, a review by Sherry

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Her Sister’s Death
KL Murphy

334 pages
CamCat Books
Published December 13, 2022

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This is the second book in a row I’ve read that the police investigate and rule suicide, that just might not be a suicide.  Dual timelines of the present and in the 1920s that intertwine to a satisfying ending.  I liked the atmospheric plot in the eerie hotel.

With three relatable narrators and an intriguing mystery, I read this one rather quickly.  There is a hint of the paranormal.  I thought I had this one figured out but alas I did not.

If you are a fan of dual timelines, the 1920s or murder mysteries, you should give this one a try.

About the book:

She wanted the truth. She should have known better.

When her sister is found dead in a Baltimore hotel room, reporter Val Ritter’s world is turned upside down. What’s worse—an empty pill bottle at the scene leads the police to believe the cause of death is suicide. With little more than her own conviction, Val teams up with a retired detective who has his own personal interest in the case.

But digging into the corners of her sister’s life and retracing her last days, will lead them to the hotel’s dark, sordid history. In 1921, another guest on the brink of womanhood, will soon marry an eligible older man, sure to be a comfortable match—or is it?

With time running short, Val races to uncover the truth behind her connection to the woman in 1921, and the detective who knows more than he should about her sister, the hotel, and its sinister secrets.


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