Hello Stranger, a review by Kristin

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Hello Stranger
By: Katherine Center

Publication Date: July 11, 2023
Published By: St. Martin’s Press
336 pages

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After winning a finalist spot in a portrait competition, Sadie Montgomery is on top of the world. Afterall, this is the break for which she has been waiting. She has 6 weeks to paint a new portrait, with very strict rules. What she didn’t expect was to need brain surgery, but she told it was minor and she’d be back on her feet in no time. Unfortunately, after the surgery, Sadie can see everything else, but she cannot see faces. While it’s nothing serious, and due to natural swelling after surgery, she is told that it is probably only temporary. On top of trying to figure out how she’s supposed to paint a portrait when she cannot see faces, Sadie’s dog Peanut gets sick and she has to rush him to the vet. There she meets Dr. Addison, who asks her on a date. She agrees, but she doesn’t tell him she has facial blindness. Her neighbor, Joe, always seems to be around to help when she needs help the most. While she once had disdain for him, they seem to be growing closer. She has so much on her plate with the competition, her medical condition, Joe and Dr. Addison, and then add in her family. Can Sadie find happiness?

Sadie is a strong female lead character. Like any normal person, she does get down on herself with everything that she has going on, but she bounces back and fights her way through. Hello Stranger is truly a unique story, like none that I have ever read prior. I enjoyed how lighthearted it felt, while there was serious personal growth. The book also makes one think about their circumstances, and if they would be able to find the positive even when everything seems to be falling apart around them. Center did a great job of giving the characters very distinct personalities which either made you really love the, or really hate them (ahem, I’m looking at you evil-stepsister!) It is a fast, easy to read book that will leave a smile on your face and in your heart. A must read for everyone!


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