Heart Bones, a review by Allyson

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Heart bones
Colleen Hoover
Published August 19th, 2020
Hoover Ink, Inc.
Kindle Edition, 338 pages

Colleen Hoover is my favorite romance author, I love that her books are quick and easy to read and often delve into deeper issues. Heart bones was no exception to that. This book had me feeling so many things and at the end, I was balling my eyes out. It had everything you would want from a good romance, mystery, intrigue, conflict, and a good back story.

In the summer before she starts college, Beyahs world suddenly changes. She finds her mother, a drug addict, dead on the sofa of their trailer. With nowhere else to go, Beyah moves to Texas where her father, whom she hasn’t seen in a while, currently lives with his new wife and step-daughter. That is where Beyah is introduced to Samson, and their relationship starts to build when they both recognize the brokenness in each other. Even as Beyah and Samson’s relationship becomes deeper there are so many questions left to be answered. Samson is very secretive about his past and said he won’t answer all of Beyah’s questions till the end of summer before she leaves for college and he leaves for the Military. 

While the writing is simple, that is one of the things I love about it. I also loved the characters. The relationship that develops between Beyah and her new Step-sister, Sarah, is so sweet. Sarah seemed like a genuinely nice person with a big heart. I just love following these characters’ lives and getting to see how they affect the people they meet.  The story is beautiful, a tragic start with a plot that builds all the way up to the end. Even in the last chapter, you are wondering what’s going to happen. 

The way the title related to the book is great as well. It is truly a unique name that you don’t understand the meaning of until you read it. If you are a fan of romance, I am sure you will love this book and anything else Colleen Hoover has written.

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