He Gets That From Me, a review by Di

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Jacqueline Friedland

Spark Press
September 7, 2021
256 pages

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I kept hearing about this book on social media, I became intrigued.

It is about a unique surrogacy case that takes a sharp bend in the road long after birth and handover has taken place.

The main characters are Maggie and her husband Nick. She is the surrogate mother who had β€œtwins”. They have a biological son, Wyatt. Chip and Donovan are the parents of the twins.

The first half of the book jumps back and forth with the present (2018) and various back timelines to set the reader up for the major conflict, which happens in the second half. It is easy to follow.

This story is about a gut wrenching dilemma. There is no right solution and while reading, I could not foresee how it would be resolved. What would you (I) do? The decision will affect a lot of people.

Parenthood, surrogacy, mental illness, the fact that there is no blueprint for a family, brotherhood. All of these are covered in this book.

Well written book. It was character and plot driven. I empathized with every character. They were all very real in my mind. I could feel the emotions tearing each one apart.

And, best of all, the story had a perfect ending.

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