Greenwich Park, a review by Amy

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Greenwich Park
Katherine Faulkner
Gallery Books
384 pages

With a deep sense of foreboding, Greenwich Park weaves a plot of shock and deceit.

After immeasurable loss, Helen’s life is looking up as she counts down until her baby boy is due. This should be a deliriously happy time after so much past heartbreak, but both her husband and pregnant sister-in-law have bailed on her, leaving her to attend prenatal classes solo.

Rachel, too, is independently attending prenatal classes. This chance meeting thrusts Helen into an unwanted and awkward friendship with Rachel, one that just might unravel all of the duplicity and secrets that have remained buried since college.

As the storyline unfurls, Falkner creates a weird and ominous vibe in what should be a prestigious and charming area of London. The sense of foreboding starts right from the beginning and the feeling of being watched never lets up.

The premise revolving around these quirky and unlikeable characters is compelling. And the writing kept me drawn in even as the storyline progressed quite slowly. I enjoyed the changing points of view, but often times I found they shifted the focus too abruptly and took away from the tension that had been building.

While I enjoyed the story as a whole, my biggest frustration was the ending. The author could have placed details necessary to create that perfect ah-ha moment meticulously throughout the storyline. Instead, the ending rehashes much of the plot while exposing those missing details.

That said, this was an impressive debut, and I will be looking forward to seeing what Faulkner does next.

Thank you Katherine Faulkner, Gallery Books, and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review an advanced copy of this book.




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