Gravity Hill, a review by Sherry

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Gravity Hill
Susanne Davis

251 pages
Madville Publishing
Published September 20, 2022

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About the book:

Gravity Hill is a story about Jordan Hawkins, her family, and a small rural town in Connecticut wrecked by the tragic death of three boys on Gravity Hill. But what first appears to be a tragedy of drunk driving leads back to a mysterious accident that has plagued a small town for years, sending Jordan on a journey to clear her brother’s name. What she discovers-a hidden toxic waste site-sends the whole town on its own bumpy road to self-awareness and healing.

My Review:

What an emotional ride.  It seems my last few reads have been beautifully written and deeper than my normal reads.  Jordan is struggling with not only her brother’s untimely death but also the expectations of her family and being the surviving child.  She is such a complex and well written character.  I felt for her having to deal with all that at too young an age.

I was also reeled in by the mystery that develops in this poor rural town.  

And can I mention my fascination with this place that defies gravity?

A great read by a debut author.  I finished it in a day.  Never wanting to put it down.



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