Gordon Square, a review by Tanya

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Gordon Square
Tracy Martin-Summers
Published Aug 27, 2020

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A Debut novel with a fantastic opening! I was frantic, heartbroken and eager to keep reading.

This crime fiction/ police procedural book had very likable main characters: Mike and Mel, police partners who are also friends. I was drawn to both of them immediately.

As the main story begins with Mike and Mel, I was drawn into their investigation, completely haunted by what happens next and felt a bit shell-shocked, along with one of the characters. What to focus on, which crime to solve, how to help. The frustration the character feels was also felt by me. (keeping in spoiler free)

The middle of the story was a bit mushy for me. As police work goes, being usually more methodical, this felt a bit all over the place. But the ending quickly redeemed itself….the last 1/3 of the book I was gutted! Oof!

If you like crime fiction or mystery/thrillers, I would recommend picking up this debut. I’m starting book 2 – Arlington Square, today!

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