Good Gut, Great Health, a review by Tanya

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Good Gut, Great Health – The Full Guide to Optimizing Your Energy and Vitality
Vicki Edgson, Adam Palmer

100 Recipes
Published June 8, 2021 by Quarto Publishing Group

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I am one of those people that can look at recipes… all day. I can consume cookbooks like nobody’s business and love to get new ideas from recipes. I literally have over 100 cookbooks in my house. Do I need them? No. Will I get rid of them? Also, No. I love all my cookbooks and peruse them frequently.

My favorite thing about this cookbook, ‘Good Gut, Great Health’ are the pictures. They are truly beautiful! Both eye appealing and scrumptious looking.

I was very intrigued by the approach of this cookbook. I’ve heard so much about gut health as of late. Not sure if that’s a new buzz term going around or if we, as a culture, are just catching on to an important concept. Regardless, I’ve been so interested in learning more about gut health.

This cookbook is laid out as most ‘way of eating’ books are; explaining the health issue, offering information on how the body processes different types of foods, laying out an eating plan (phase one to clean out the gut and phase two as maintenance) and then the recipes.

The author did a great job of explaining gut health and it was informative. The informative section was also pretty short. Moving on to the list of ‘acceptable foods’ I was shocked to see how few foods are ‘in’. It seems that this plan is VERY restrictive. If I know me, and I think I do, I know for sure that this would be a VERY difficult plan for me to follow. The good news is that if this is a short time to achieve gut health, that may be a little easier for some to follow, but anything long term, it would be a no for me. Frankly, even for the short-term, I know I wouldn’t be happy.

Besides being restrictive, it’s also a lot of food that I don’t normally have in my home. Which means an expensive shopping trip. Yikes!

For those trying to address very specific health issues, or with a different palette than mine, this may be a great way of eating. For me though, it just wouldn’t work.

I have added some of the beautiful photos so you can all appreciate them. If they look mouth-watering for you, please check out this cookbook to see if it’s something that may work for you!


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