Gone Tonight, a review by Cat

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Gone Tonight
Sarah Pekkanen

Published August 1, 2023
By St. Martin’s Press
352 Pages

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Over time, I’ve come across numerous praises for Sarah Pekkanen’s writing, yet I hadn’t taken the time to read any of her work until now (I swear I’ll read through her backlog sometime!). Perhaps Gone Tonight wasn’t the best choice for my introduction to her writing – I’ll have to rely on her dedicated fans to comment on that bit.

I find myself somewhat uncertain about my feelings toward Gone Tonight. It began as one book (or so I thought) but transformed into something entirely different in the process. Honestly, I can’t say I formed a strong attachment to either version of the narrative.

Initially, this novel deeply stirred my emotions and evoked fear, particularly given its exploration of memory loss and Alzheimer’s. However, as the mystery unraveled, my sentiment toward the book evolved. I became increasingly frustrated, primarily with the central characters, Catherine and Ruth. If only they had placed more trust in each other, the course of events could have taken a markedly different turn. Yet, this is a sentiment often associated with mystery novels. After all, what would be the point if it were not so?

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