Gone for Good, a review by Sherry

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Gone for Good
Joanna Schaffhausen

304 pages
Minotaur Books
Published August 10, 2021

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When I first lived alone I would quite often spook myself reading thrillers late into the night.  I’d wonder if that creak was someone in my condo.  Long before thrillers relied on the BIG twist, this book reminded me of those books.  Not that this book doesn’t have twists, surprises and misdirection, but it also has that undertone that gets deep into your mind.

Annalisa and Nick are investigating the death of Grace Harper.  She was part of an amateur murder group that was investigating the Lovelorn serial killer, who hasn’t killed since the 90’s.  Her death is the work of either a good copycat or the killer has come out of retirement to strike again. 

I really liked that the book was balanced.  Nick is Annalisa’s ex husband who she hasn’t seen in a while.  Her Father was a cop and her entire family is present along with her best friend. Even her high school sweetheart enters the picture. And to bring Grace’s perspective in, there are chapters from her journal as she was planning on writing a book.

Annalisa and I have nothing in common,  but I really connected with her.  The scenes where she’s being stalked really had me on edge.

I saw this is the first book in a new series and I can’t wait for book 2.



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