Golden Girl, a review by Di

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Golden Girl
Elin Hilderbrand

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Little Brown and Company
June 1, 2021
384 pages

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I always look forward to Elin Hilderbrand’s summer books. I know that I can depend on something fun to read. This one was very different from her regular books. The main character Vivi is an author who spends her summers on Nantucket and all her novels are about the characters on the island. Sounds semi-autobiographical – until Vivi gets killed by a hit and run driver while out jogging. But there is a line in the book that caught my eye: “The line between real life and fiction is becoming blurry indeed. “The line between real life and fiction is becoming blurry indeed.”

The rest of the story is about solving the mystery of the accident while Vivi gets to watch, from beyond, how her family copes with her death. It is an interesting concept – one I have read in several books previously. While Vivi is watching, we also learn a lot about her back story through her reflections on life.

The one thing I like about her books is that she always refers to characters from previous books. It is not always necessary to remember them, but they appear as recurring characters. This aspect seems to give books continuity.

It is a fast and entertaining read. Not necessarily light though. There are a few serious issues covered. I liked all of the characters even though a couple of them were not easy to like. They managed to redeem themselves. I suppose it could be called a beach read because it happens at the beach.

I don’t think this is her best book but enjoyable just the same.

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