Ghosters 4: The Mysteries of Camp Spooky, a review by Sherry

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Ghosters 4: The Mysteries of Camp Spooky

Diana Corbitt

186 pages
Published June 13, 2021
Dragonfeather Books/Bedazzled Ink Publishing

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This is the fourth book in the Ghosters series.  Theresa and Joey’s Dad is again off on a book tour and he drops the kids off at Camp Sapuki, known also as Camp Spooky, as he heads out of town.  The kids are excited to be there.  The author does a great job of capturing camp with the crushes, activities, pranks and friendships.  The camp chapters are interspersed with chapters from Harry in 1962 and Bad Jack from 1758.  

So as you’d expect in a Ghosters book, the kids see a young spirit who keeps asking them to find her and help her.  They aren’t sure who she is or how to find her.  The ghosts they see are usually tied to the spot they died, but they see her in various places around that camp.  They go about trying to track her down and help her cross over. 

I really enjoy that one of the kids has autism and is portrayed as a full member of the ghosters group instead of being a liability, it is just part of who he is.  I also enjoyed the native american ties later in this book.  

While I’ve only read 2 of the 4 books in the series, I think these are great middle grade reading books.  The books show diversity and while the ghosts could become scary, they don’t become too much for the intended reader. And best of all there is a great story with issues that could spark a conversation and learning.  I can’t wait until there are kids in the family at the age for these books.  They will definitely end up as a Christmas present.

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